Wednesday, February 23, 2011


  So since I posted about us, Ill go ahead and post about our little angel. Shes 5 1/2 months old, fisty and full of personality. My pregnancy was rough. I was told I had hypertention early on, so the doctor monitored me often. I was going to the doctor 3 days a week towards the end so that they could monitor Kyleighs heartrate and also to keep an eye on the fluid. I was told at 36 weeks that I could have her at anytime due to the fluid being low. However that never happened, I was induced at 39 weeks and had her the following day. She came out perfect in every single way. The day after we brought her home we had to take her back to the hospital because she had jaundice. She was put under the lights for 8 hours and we went back home. She was a dream the first 3 weeks. She hardly, if ever, cried. Only when she was hungry or wet. Slept A LOT. Once we got to South Carolina our little angel changed into a screaming howler monkey. We ended up taking her to the ER where they said she had Colic. NOT FUN. Once we got settled into our new home her personality started coming out, she is so funny, however she doesnt find many things funny. We have only gotten her to laugh a few times so far and each time were VERY random. Her fully name is Kyleigh Elizabeth Jayne. Ive had Kyleigh picked out for years. Kevin and I have always known what we were going to name our children. If it was a boy, Cole and a girl Kyleigh. So when they told us we were having a girl, it was decided. Elizabeth is my late sisters middle name. Ive always known that if i had a girl I would name my daughter in her memory. My sister died at an extremely young age, she was only 2 when she went home to be with Jesus. Jayne is my mothers middle name. My mother is my hero, she means the world to me and to name my daughter after her would only be fitting. I should have known better however, my sister was a stormy little girl, my mother used to tell me that when she was good she was very good and when she was bad she was horrid. That is my Ky to a T! And my mother is a very strong will person, stubborn and strong. Also my Ky. I wouldnt change her for the world. She is a very hard baby to deal with, she is only happy doing something for 10-15 mins and then she needs to be doing something else. When shes tired, she needs to nap ASAP or the world with explode in flames. She is a mommys girl, drives Kevin up a wall. She will scream and scream when he is holding her but the second she is in my arms she stops screaming and then turns and looks at Kevin and smiles big. Pretty funny I think ;) I have my days where I wish I could just drop her off at mine or kevins moms house and take a much needed break, but then I sit and think about it, and in about 4-5 years, when shes made friends and is a big girl, I'm going to miss my baby time. The time where all she needed was me, and my warm embrace to make her happy. I'm thrilled and so blessed to be able to watch her grow into a beautful girl, I cant wait for the next milestones, but I know when I'm older, and when she is, I will look back and wish that I would have enjoyed this time more then I did. So with every scream, and every cry, every stressful day, I think about that. I need to enjoy and treasure these moments, because someday they will be long gone. Kevin keeps telling me that he cant wait until she starts talking, well I can. Because now she cries when she wants me to take her from him, when she starts talking she will be screaming MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY...I dont think he fully realizes that JUST yet. People ask us if we will ever have another one, the answer is unknown at the moment. On one hand, yes I'd love to have another one, give Kyleigh a sibling, on the other hand, nope no way. So its still up in the air, give me a few years.


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