Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cannnot believe it!

 Our beautiful Ky will be 6 months in 1 week! I cannot believe she is going to be 6 months old. Its going by so quickly! I find myself day dreaming about her 1st birthday and when she learns to crawl and then walk. She has now decided that she wants to sleep on her tummy, if we flip her over she just flips back over on her tummy and passes back out. No stopping her. She is a stubborn little girl sometimes. I am starting a memory box for her. So far I've got a handful of things for her to put in there. When I was younger I had one, we lived away from my family for awhile, and everytime I'd get a letter or a card, I would put it in my memory box. If I was feeling down, or just wanted something to do I would open up my memory box and go through it. I still have it. So I'm starting the same thing for Ky. So far I've got cards and letters and the roses she got for valentines day in there. I'm sure she will need more then one, but I'm excited about collecting these memories for her. I'm starting to get ready for 6 month pictures! woohoo im so excited. Ive bought a few bows and outfits for them. I've also decided that I'll be making a book every 6 months for the first few years of her life and then one book per year after. ( I take so many pictures, and if Ky is going to be our only child I want our home filled with pictures of Kyleigh. She is being SO good this past week, she has been in an amazing mood and sleeping so well. We have been trying food lately. So far she likes  the peas and green beans the most. I only try things every few days, because she has a sensitve stomach and i dont want to overload her with new things. I took a picture of her the other day, and I looked at it later and I couldnt believe what I was seeing, IS THAT MY BABY? she looked so much older then she did a few seconds ago. Shes getting SO tall. She fits in 9 month clothing, but is still in small diapers. She got a tiny little waiste. Lucky girl! I think she will be tall and lean like her fathers side of the family. My family is sort of short. I always knew she was going to be tall. Before I even got pregnant I knew that I would have tall children. My husband is a giant. I also always thought we would have boys! Kevins side of the family is mostly boys, my side is pretty much all girls. I always said when I was younger, that I would NOT have girls. My body would not make girls. WELL God had differently plans for me now didnt He? I wouldnt have her any other way. We were told when I was about 17.5 weeks pregnant that we were indeed having a boy. I even have a sonogram picture of what looks like a little boy part. We told family and friends WE ARE HAVING A BOY! Oh I was so excited, everyone else was too, but I knew that Kevins side of the family was secretly hoping for a girl ;) Kevin told me, I think its a girl, BOY did i rub that in his face. We went out and bought LOADS of boy things, boy clothing, boy socks, boy bedding, the works. Well, we had to go back to get another sonogram done because the baby 'boy' was measuring small, we went back, the lady asks me, are you SURE its a boy? I looked at her and yes? thats what we were told...she looked at me and said, um I dont think its a boy. I went into freak out mode, my mind was going a million miles an hour, what we would have to take back, we would have to tell everyone it was a girl instead..A GIRL? WHAT? How can I raise a little girl? I can barely get along with my sister much less raise a little girl! The tech brought in another tech to take a look...YEP a girl..I started crying, Kevin started laughing, my head was spinning. I was scared. Bottom line, scared. As the day went on, the fear turned to peace when I realized this.." God will NEVER give you more then what you can handle" NEVER, I knew that whatever was thrown at me and Kevin, we could handle it. Now that I have my Ky, I am SO HAPPY I had a little girl. She is SO much fun, and shes funny, and silly and shes a girly girl who likes bows and dolls. Shes her daddys girl and her mommas world. Shes our everything. Now in the future if I have a boy I will be thrilled, but if I have another girl, Ill be just as thrilled if not more thrilled. Shes a blessing, shes ours, shes perfect. Everything Ive ever wanted. And I am so over the moon about her, and so is her daddy.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


  So since I posted about us, Ill go ahead and post about our little angel. Shes 5 1/2 months old, fisty and full of personality. My pregnancy was rough. I was told I had hypertention early on, so the doctor monitored me often. I was going to the doctor 3 days a week towards the end so that they could monitor Kyleighs heartrate and also to keep an eye on the fluid. I was told at 36 weeks that I could have her at anytime due to the fluid being low. However that never happened, I was induced at 39 weeks and had her the following day. She came out perfect in every single way. The day after we brought her home we had to take her back to the hospital because she had jaundice. She was put under the lights for 8 hours and we went back home. She was a dream the first 3 weeks. She hardly, if ever, cried. Only when she was hungry or wet. Slept A LOT. Once we got to South Carolina our little angel changed into a screaming howler monkey. We ended up taking her to the ER where they said she had Colic. NOT FUN. Once we got settled into our new home her personality started coming out, she is so funny, however she doesnt find many things funny. We have only gotten her to laugh a few times so far and each time were VERY random. Her fully name is Kyleigh Elizabeth Jayne. Ive had Kyleigh picked out for years. Kevin and I have always known what we were going to name our children. If it was a boy, Cole and a girl Kyleigh. So when they told us we were having a girl, it was decided. Elizabeth is my late sisters middle name. Ive always known that if i had a girl I would name my daughter in her memory. My sister died at an extremely young age, she was only 2 when she went home to be with Jesus. Jayne is my mothers middle name. My mother is my hero, she means the world to me and to name my daughter after her would only be fitting. I should have known better however, my sister was a stormy little girl, my mother used to tell me that when she was good she was very good and when she was bad she was horrid. That is my Ky to a T! And my mother is a very strong will person, stubborn and strong. Also my Ky. I wouldnt change her for the world. She is a very hard baby to deal with, she is only happy doing something for 10-15 mins and then she needs to be doing something else. When shes tired, she needs to nap ASAP or the world with explode in flames. She is a mommys girl, drives Kevin up a wall. She will scream and scream when he is holding her but the second she is in my arms she stops screaming and then turns and looks at Kevin and smiles big. Pretty funny I think ;) I have my days where I wish I could just drop her off at mine or kevins moms house and take a much needed break, but then I sit and think about it, and in about 4-5 years, when shes made friends and is a big girl, I'm going to miss my baby time. The time where all she needed was me, and my warm embrace to make her happy. I'm thrilled and so blessed to be able to watch her grow into a beautful girl, I cant wait for the next milestones, but I know when I'm older, and when she is, I will look back and wish that I would have enjoyed this time more then I did. So with every scream, and every cry, every stressful day, I think about that. I need to enjoy and treasure these moments, because someday they will be long gone. Kevin keeps telling me that he cant wait until she starts talking, well I can. Because now she cries when she wants me to take her from him, when she starts talking she will be screaming MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY...I dont think he fully realizes that JUST yet. People ask us if we will ever have another one, the answer is unknown at the moment. On one hand, yes I'd love to have another one, give Kyleigh a sibling, on the other hand, nope no way. So its still up in the air, give me a few years.


Getting started

Well, I am finally breaking down and starting a blog. I 'tried' to start one when I was pregnant, but that got no where. Between having Kyleigh and a rush move to South Carolina 3 weeks after she was born I just didnt have the time to keep up with it. Now that we are settled in here, Ill go ahead and try and start a blog.

   For those of you who dont know about us, Ill give you some back ground :)  Kevin and I met when I was 16 working at dairy queen, he 'claims' that he went through the drive through when I was working and thought I had a pretty smile and decided to apply for a job there. How true this is, I'm not sure. I honestly dont remember him coming through but I do remember him coming into interview. All the girls thought he was gorgeous, I, of course, agreed, but if any of you know Kevin you know how shy he is. He had a girlfriend so I stayed clear of him. I'm not the type to take someones boyfriend away. I enjoyed working with him, when he came out of his shell he was funny and a hard worker. I quit dairy queen and lost contact with him. Never thought I would see him again, occasionally I would see him driving around in his big white truck ( pretty hard to miss it ) and think about him. But like i said before he had a girlfriend and I wasnt about to come between that. Fast forward about 6 months to a year and I'm working at target as a cashier and none other then Kevin comes through my line, I saw him coming from a distance and was praying he would come through my fate would have it he did. We chatted a little bit, he was buying a hat with the superman logo on it. I told him that I had heard of his engagment to his girlfriend and wanted to congradulate him. He looked at me funny and said oh no, we arent engaged we are broken up now. I quickly gave him my number and about 3 days later we had dinner. We remained friends for about 6 months, just trying to get to know eachother. We enjoyed each others company, I remember many nights of getting random calls or texts from Kevin saying he was bored and wanted to see a movie, and we would go see a movie. I did the same, we probably saw eachother 2-3 nights a week. We finally decided to start dating. It didnt take long and we moved in together and then eventually moved to Washington state so that Kevin could work for Boeing. We lived there for almost 4 years. We always said we wanted to get married, always talked about it. But I always wanted a big wedding with family and friends back home in texas. We talked about it for 4 years, finally we just said screw it lets just get married. We went to the justice of the peace, with a few friends and made it official. We got married in December and in September we had our Kyleigh. She is the best thing thats ever happened to us. She was born 9/6/10 on labor day, fittingly enough I think. She looks just like Kevin. I joke around and tell people that if I didnt bake her myself I wouldnt think she is mine. However she has my fisty personality and temper. I can be a hothead, kevin is the more laid back type, go with the flow. She is our world. I am SO thankful for the 5 years I got to spend with Kevin alone. We know eachother extremely well, and hardly, if ever fight. We were able to do the things you really cant do with a child. I fully believe that Kevin is my soul mate. We are total opposites, but it works for us. Ky is a mixture of the both of us. I can see both of us in her on a daily basis. Living so far away from family, I am thankful that I am so blessed with the husband that God gave me. It can be extremely hard being away from family, going out on a date is nearly impossible, going out to dinner IS impossible, getting out can be so hard. So having a wonderful husband that comes home every night ready to take on whatever has gone on in THIS house today, is simply amazing. Well thats all ive got for today. Thanks for reading :)